People, both Strange and Broken

The is world twisted by madding dreams and walking nightmares. Sanitariums are filled to bursting with the wailing denizens of these broken landscapes. Some flail against the encroaching darkness, clinging resolutely to old idols and ideologies. But some who stare into the abyss smile, for in the stygian depths the see their reflection.

James Reynolds: Irish veteran of the Anglo-Zulu who carries the mark of Victoria’s Kiss on his temple. This physician cannot sleep, but his hands are still steady.

Martha Thomas: Scholar and antiquarian who explored the knowledge of the Old World before returning to America. She is a childhood friend of Henrietta Jackson, who she traveled with throughout Europe. She seeks to know what has spared the frontier the torment that wracks the rest of the world.

Henrietta “Minerva” Jackson: Actress turned mesmerist, she left segregated Baltimore with Martha to develop as an actress, and found an even greater knack. She became a talented mesmerist, and has been reunited with her old friend to delve into looming truths.

Roche leBlank: Voyageur of New France and nigh-unintelligible Acadian, Roche le^Blanc is a common sight in Deadwood, being a transporter of timber and furs. The massive man travels across the frontier with only his mule for company. Some think him daring, all know him to be insane.

Sylvester Grawert: Fencing master and preferred bodyguard to Princess Pauline von Metternich. The slight swordsman is well-connected among the cambions, and even received some classical education at the University of Leibzig alongside Martha Thompson. The mensur mask he dons for duels is said to let the wearer see only black, white, and red. The colors of the moral spectrum, according to Sylvester.

Adriel Washington: Buffalo soldier turned Ranger who hunts monster for coin on the great plains. A man of great violence and hidden depths.

Milton Haney: Chaplain who once tried to fight back the eldritch tide with shot and saber, and it left his body body broken. He then tried to preach his faith in the conquered lands, and his tongue was split in two for his efforts. The Fighting Chaplain now only murmurs and mumbles his hymns.

Roderick McLean: Slouching madman who raves against the empress. He has escaped to America to seek allies in his quest to free his nation from her grasp.

Nikola Tesla: Serbian engineer who has seen Edison’s machines used for vile works against humanity. He seeks to find a home for his genius, someplace with at least a brighter insanity.

Wilhelm Wundt: German physician and psychologist whose delvings into the human mind have proven most useful for the chessmaster Otto von Bismark.

Robert William Felkin: Young English explorer and physician who seeks arcane knowledge in his quest for understanding of the empirical and ephemeral. Said to be a Knight of the Golden Dawn, tilting at the encroaching darkness.

Pierre Bouchard: Crumbling Frenchman who claims to know the truth of Napoleon’s rise to power. The wrinkled character shambles across the frontier, spinning his tales to any who will listen.

Charlie Utter: Fastidious merchant of the Dakota territories who is willing to work with the cambion and other horrors.

Charles Guiteau: Lawyer who seeks greater office and often writes of the beauty that shines just behind the stars.

Sol Star: German-born mayor of Deadwood, he seeks to develop the region into a beacon in the wilds; he does not yet know the absence of hope.

Dora DuFran: Proprietor of Deadwood’s finest cathouse, providing carnal distractions to those who would shut their eyes from the dying world.

Theodore Roosevelt: Rowdy young frontiersman and historian who despises those that stole New Amsterdam. Once an enemy of the Indians, he now finds himself allied with them against the machinations of the Old World. The light has gone out in his life, and now he seeks only vengeance, knowing it will bring no succor.

Red Cloud: Leader of Oglala Dakota A skilled diplomat and soldier who fought successfully against the continental forces and those of the Old World. He has begun to resign himself to defeat, but cannot let that show.

Sitting Bull: Holy man of the Hunkpapa Lakota, he shares prophetic people to lead the resistance against the forces of the old world. The dreams have drained him of his vigor, and now he must be carried, just a few steps in front of the Great Old One’s grasp.

Crazy Horse: Shirt-wearer among the Oglala, a shy and lonely warrior who never dances or sings. He has never been defeated in battle, and his people always follow him on the warpath.

People, both Strange and Broken

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