Places, Euclidean and Otherwise

In a world in the squamous grasp of the Great Old Ones, lambent cities flicker. The inexorable engines of industry spew stygian fumes in the old world, and stout men build strong walls on the tattered edge of the new.

Antediluvian spires rise up from the briny deep. Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that even the ocean is not silent.

Fungoid forests creep along the continents, and mad gibbering can be heard in the wild places of the world. On the Great Plains of America, the ululating grass covers stones carved in time immemorial. And something moves beneath them.

Great Cities of the Old World

London: Smothered in fog, ash, and disease, the city of London is the largest city in the world and the capital of Victoria’s massive empire. Peelers patrol the streets to make sure everyone bows toward Buckingham when Big Ben rings its bells.

Konigsberg: The city of blood and iron, the center of Prussian power and home to the Schwertbrüderorden (The Brotherhood of the Sword). The Cambion Otto von Bismark calls the city his home, and has built a throne of the gods he outplayed at its heart.

Paris: The city of Paris seems to be a shining beacon in the dark as long as Napoleon protects it. Now the home of the Catholic church, Paris stands in defiance of the other powers of Europe, without a Great Old One ruling over it.

Drowned Venice: When the Great Old Ones rose from under the waves, the city of Venice sank beneath them. Now the City of Masks is inhabited by the ichthyic creatures known as the Quelli-degli-abissi. This hybrid monsters raid the coasts of of the Mediterranean, but some esoteric orders find means to placate those that come out of the deep.

Towns of the New




Wild Places

The Black Forest

Fungal Moors of Gascon

Billington’s Wood

Tenebrous Locales


Places, Euclidean and Otherwise

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