Great Old Ones

When the Great Old Ones came from beyond the stars and from below the seas, they took the dynasties of that day as their own, stealing kings and queens into unholy marriages or consuming the royal lineage in their batrachian maw. Now they sit on eldritch thrones and war with one another, wearing the name, and sometimes the face of a monarch. Many have perished in the struggle, absorbed by their kin, and on two occasions a lesser being has seized the mantle of Great Old One, to drink of their madness and rule.

The Great Old Ones of Europe
Queen Victoria, queen of Albion and Ireland and Empress of Hindustan, the unkillable, of beauty too terrible to behold.

Emperor Napoleon I, emperor of France and of the French Orient, king of Italy, the mortal who toppled a god, the stone-bearer, savior of the Church and protector of liberty.

Queen Isabella II, queen of Spain, New Spain, the East and West Indies, and of the Canary Islands, archduchess of Austria, duchess of Burgundy, mightiest among the Great Old Ones, she whose tentacles rend ships.

King Leopold II, king of Belgium, protector of the Congo, builder of great and terrible things, eater of hands and fingers.

William the Silent, king of the Netherlands, prince of Orange-Nassau, grand duke of Luxembourg, and ruler of territories beyond the seas, he who was born and died a mortal, who rose to take the New World, he who will never die again.

Tsar Alexander II, emperor of Russia, king of Poland and grand duke of Finland, he who shatters free will, he whose dreams can conquer.

King Christian IX, king of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Wends, and the Goths, the virile progenitor of cambion and consorts, and peacemaker of the Great Old Ones.

Otto von Bismark, emperor of Germany and Austria, king of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia, the god-eater, he who plays chess with the world.

King George, the king of Greece and prince of Denmark, he whose breath is dark fire.

The Great Old Ones of the New World
King-in-Exile Louis XVII, the rightful king of the French, he who will return, who haunts from beyond a sea.

Queen-in-Exile Maria I rightful queen of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves, of either side of the sea in Africa, lady of Guinea and of conquest, navigation, and commerce of Ethiopia, Arabia, and Persia, she who puts nature to the rack.

Viceroy Alfonso XII, prince of Spain and viceroy of New Spain, protector of conquest and commerce of the Caribbean, he whose tentacles splinter boats.

The Great Old Ones of Asia
Empress Meishō, empress of Japan, who leaves deep violet chrysanthemums in her wake, builder of mazes beyond reckoning.

Sultan Abdul Hamid II, sultan of the Ottomans, caliph of all who will kneel, the blackened dagger in the night and flashing sword in the day.

Nader Shah, the emperor of Persia, the greatest conqueror, whose might breaks the spines of lesser gods.

Empress Tzu-hsi, empress of China, who rules from forbidden shadows, she who strengthens her people, she whose song tames oceans, whose roar summons waves.

The Khan, the roaming king of All-He-Sees, leader of the horde, who runs at the breach, whose arrows shatter stone.

Gojong, emperor of Korea, who built the house of dreams, who raised the sea into a wall.

The Great Old Ones of Africa
Shaka, king of the Zulu, the horned one, slayer of encroachers, he who drives all before him.

Okomfo Anokye king of the Ashanti, who sits on a golden throne, the unifier and warmaker, he who sends dreams to his people and nightmares to his foes.

Andrianampoinimerina king of Madagascar, he who lies beyond the reach of all others.

Great Old Ones

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